Water Fish Storage

Protect Your Fish in the Winter

We recommend you keep your fish inside in the Winter. The cold temperatures in Western New York can hurt the fish in your pond. K&A Ponds offers water fish storage. Your fish will be kept in our indoor storage building from November to April with aeration and a net over top.

Winter storage begins in October and will continue until May of the next year. All fish will be picked up when your pond is closed this fall. Your pond will be closed as normal, drained, and fish moved to our K & A indoor storage. At this time they will be photographed, stored, and maintained until the spring. We will not be mixing fish with other customers, your fish stay together in their own tank/vat. Prices include storage, water changes, water monitoring, feeding, and consultation if needed.

Rates vary from $95.00 - $250.00 per tank/vat, fish loads will be decided by staff/customer input. You can be billed monthly, end of season, or next spring. Any questions on this awesome care free service please call/email the office ASAP.


  • 100 gallon tanks
  • 200 gallon tank
  • 300 gallon tanks

Call for more details.

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