Pond Opening

Spring is just around the corner and yes, it's time to start planning for your pond and getting that waterfalls going. Alter last month we advise all customers to walk out, check your winter air pump, clear out any debris that fell into your pond. Keep your bubbler going until the pond crew arrives, you always want some type of circulation in your pond. Pond openings will be starting as soon as the weather breaks (usually last week in March or 1st week in April). We are asking all customers to get signed up as quickly as possible, we are estimating 400 + openings this season alter a nice quick winter!

Opening appointments fill up fast. Fill the opening form out and send your depost to hold your space. Openings start as soon as the weather breaks (usually last week in March or 1st week in April):

Fill in our Opening Form and send in a deposit.

**All pond cleanings are charged hourly. Our rates are $50.00 per man hour laborer and $55.00 per man hour service foreman with a $95.00 minimum. The cleaner, smaller and less fish and plants you have, the quicker we can get you opened and cleaned. The average (8x10 pond) takes about $185.00 in labor costs. The average pond has 7 fish and 3 plants, along with a waterfalls that is 6' long. We run a (2) man pond service crew, (1) foreman & (1) laborer.**

Deposit amounts may vary! Call for details:

$ 75.00 - SMALL POND under 500 gallons, plastic pond, pondless, no fish, fountains $ 85.00 - MEDIUM POND 500 gallons-1,000 gallons, up to 10'/12', plants, fish
$ 95.00 - LARGE POND over 1,000 gallons, big Koi, multiple pumps, deep ponds
$160.00 - EXTRA LARGE ponds over 2,000 gallons, multiple pumps, double waterfalls

Labor Rates:

Level 1: $55.00 per hour - basic ponds with (1) filter & (1) waterfall with single falls/skimmer. Most pondless falls & single bubbling rocks are in this category & ponds under 1,000 gallons.

Level 2: $65.00 per hour - Large ponds with (2) filters or more. Ponds that require more than (1) tub to contain fish. Ponds 1,000-2,000 gallons, with large filter systems. Any pond that has an automatic filler valve.

Level 3: $75.00 per hour - Larger ponds that require on shore pumps, pool systems, etc. Ponds 2,000-3,000 gallons, heavy fish loads, & take over 3.5 hours to clean.

Level 4: $95.00 per hour - Ponds over 3,000 gallons that take more than (5) hours to clean. Ponds with multiple pumps, UV lights, & bottom drains. LED lights installation or light repairs, new lighting systems. Plumbing repairs, leaks, and waterfalls rebuilding/patching. Ant service calls that have repairs, rebuilding, restacking, where build team is needed. Custom water features that have hidden pumps, plastic trays to be removed, and custom water features.

Laborer rates/helper = $50.00 per hour.

Debris rates = $5.00 per bucket hauled away

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