Pond Closing

It’s here again…Fall weather and time to close down your pond. Let the K & A crew do it the right way. We have a 99% fish survival rate with all our pond closing customers. Being offered again this year, you get a FREE full replacement water line if we blow out and cap and your line still has ice damage! What other pond company can say that and back it up? This is up to a $500 value due to our process and special fittings used in all of our plumbing.

Listed below are options, for newcomers, please call if you have questions. We are always here, walk into retail any day and get expert advice. Allen will be in all Saturdays until the snow flies and the K & A crew is here all week for any of your pond closing questions. We will begin closing ponds- September 1st and finish on December 1st, . Most customers with fish/plants get closed in October/November.

You can always add:

  • New Bubble Device
  • Heavy Duty Heater
  • Fall/Winter Bacteria
  • Blow and Cap line

Fill out our Closing Form and send in a deposit.

**Please enclose $75.00 deposit to HOLD your spot! If you are buying a new heater or bubbler or blower send an extra $75.00 deposit. POND CLOSING RATES - $105.00 flat fee includes 1st man hour (2-man team). After 1st hour, the normal pond rate applies - $85.00 per man hour will be billed at 15-minute intervals. The standard pond closing procedure consists of...
• Pumps pulled, washed, back flushed, wrapped, and left on site
• All filter pads cleaned and washed left on site
• All plants cut down and debris hauled away
• Lines blown out and capped
• Pond fall chemicals added as needed

• Winter bubbler and/or heater installed

Prices may vary - Please Call for Details

• 1 mile or less = $0
• 2-7 miles = $ 35.00
• 8-12 miles = $ 45.00
• 13-19 miles = $ 55.00
• 20-25 miles = $ 65.00
• 26-31 miles = $ 75.00
• Rochester = $ 95.00
• Grand Island = Additional $2.00 per vehicle surcharge (includes trailer)
• Debris hauled = $6.00 per bucket (dead fish, leaves, gunk, plants, algae, etc.)
• (Option: leave the crew a garbage can, wheelbarrow, or direct where to
dump debris.)

pond closing for winter image k and a ponds

Pond Closing Form

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Please Note: Super blowers produce 5x more air, use on large ponds, heavy fish load ponds.
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