Let our pond crew service your pond. Our team carries chemicals, clamps, lights, and other materials. With our online ordering system, our team is able to bring fish food, extra stone, and other materials we carry at our retail store.

Going on vacation or going out of town? Schedule a drop-in visit for a team member to make sure your fish are fed, and your pond is cared for. At a reasonable price, our year-round service team is capable of many different services.

In addition to opening and closing your pond, this convenient service allows your pond to be sparkling clean all year long.


Come fall our team is prepared to help with applying nets and winterize your pond. A routine service call consists of cleaning the filters, adding/draining water, trimming plants, fertilizing, picking up debris, etc.

Rates may vary, Call for details

**Rates will be as follows for seasonal pond service:
MONTHLY RATES $55.00 per call (1) Complete man hour on site Bi-MONTHLY RATE $48.00 per call (1) Complete man hour on site WEEKLY RATE $45.00 per call (1) Complete man hour on site**

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