LED Lighting

2023 LED Lighting Installation & Upgrades

LED White Lights Super White $75/light

LED Color Changing Light with Brain Box/Remote $169/light
(You only need 1 brain box/remote per pond if doing color)

LED Color Changing Light $89/light

Timer/Transformer New Style Photo Eye Auto On/Off $85/light

Most customers get 2-3 lights in the falls colors and 2-3 lights in the pond. New LED lights are 2x's brighter than any other lights in the past. Color lights look better in the falls, while white in the ponds.

Give us a call for details on our lawn cutting services, frequency, and pricing.

Warranty: You get 2 Full Years of parts/labor on new light systems if you also install a new timer. Customers using old timers get 1 Year. A new photo eye timer costs $85 and goes on at dusk automatically.

Labor: $150-$250. Most systems can be installed within 1-2 hours.

Wire: $30 per pond. Most systems will need new roll of wire.

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