Here is a behind-the-scenes look at one of our projects from 2023!

This 45 year old courtyard was transformed! All bushes and tree were removed and the brick walls were power washed with 5,000 PSI using 200º water. In total, 5 dump trucks worth of oil soil and foliage was removed and replaced with 4 tons of stone, liner, filters, plumbing, and pond materials. The new pond is 11’x9’ at 30” deep and holds 1,000 gallons of water. It sits just outside the living room and will provide years of enjoyment.

The 150 sq. ft. Paver patio was installed using Beacon Hill by Unilock. This area was dug down 15” and was filled with 2 dump trucks worth of stone which was tamped. Custom drains were also installed to meet the original grade. A small retaining wall sits in the back corner for a raised bed, to soften the brick wall. LED lighting was added to brighten the courtyard at night.

This project was installed and designed by K&A Ponds, no subcontractors were used. Estimated cost of the whole project is $25,000.

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